Thank you for your interest in booking at the Hoosier Dome! We are a DIY (do-it-yourself) venue, which means the best way to play our venue is to book a show here yourself. Please take the time to thoroughly read over this BEFORE contacting us.


If you call Indianapolis your home, we would love for you to play/book at our venue. The best way to play more shows at the Hoosier Dome is to put together a show yourself. Once we see that a band consistently and successfully brings a crowd out to shows, it will be much more likely that Hoosier Dome will ask that band to play on shows with nationally recognized touring acts in the future.

The best way to go about this is to come out to shows and connect with other locals. Put together a lineup of 4-5 bands total that you think would do well. As our standard rules, bands should not play any other show in or around Indianapolis at least 3 weeks +/- of the date and every local band needs to be able to draw at least 10 people out to the show. If they cannot yet bring people out to see them, they are not yet ready to play the Hoosier Dome. Our suggestion is to play smaller venues or house shows until then. Decide on a tentative lineup that meets this criteria, then submit the contact form with the desired date. Once the lineup is approved and if the date is available, we will move forward with booking.

Hoosier Dome’s price depends on the day of the week and the amount of bands on the show. Sundays-Thursdays baseline prices are $300, and the baseline prices for Fridays and Saturdays are $350. This is all inclusive and provides a full staff. There may be an additional $50 charge if the show needs security, which is left up to our discretion. The baseline prices are for shows with 5 bands or less. Every band added after that is an additional $50. There may be exceptions for shows with single artists with shorter sets, as long as the show falls within our usual time frames. Shows usually start around 6pm-7pm and end by 10:30pm, with a hard music curfew of 11pm.

There are two options when booking a show. You can either choose rent or rent + door split.
Rent is when you pay in full for a show up front. This requires a deposit to lock in the date: $50 for Sundays-Thursdays, and $100 for Fridays and Saturdays. The rest of the rent is due 30 days in advance of the show. When you pay rent up front, 100% of the ticket sales are yours to keep or distribute at the end of the show.
Rent + door split is when you would like to book a show but not pay up front. We then take the rental price out of ticket sales at the end of the show, plus 30% after that. This means you keep or distribute 70% of all ticket sales after our expenses. If the show does not happen to make the full amount of rent, we do not make anyone pay the difference at the end of the night. However, if not enough people come to cover our expenses, it is taken seriously and we will not be likely to give you future shows to book/play at the Dome. Our goal is to make each and every show as successful as it can be for everyone involved, and we will do whatever we can to make this happen.


If you are not local to Indianapolis, but you are not yet nationally recognized, this section is for you! The best way to play a show at the Hoosier Dome is to set up show trades. Connect with local bands/promoters from Indianapolis (social media is a great tool for this, pay attention to who is playing/booking local shows in your genre) and ask them to put together a show for you, then direct them to the section above. In return, you should offer to book a show for them in your area in the future. This is how the music community and fan bases are built, and how bands who are not yet nationally recognized can successfully tour. Always remember to put the same amount of effort into their shows as you would want them to do for yours, so show trades can continue being successful for everyone involved.


If the name of your band alone will draw a good crowd to the Hoosier Dome, please email us at so we may submit on offer for your band. Please be self-aware and know that if your band is not yet on this level, you need to go back to the previous section. This is only for bands with name recognition and a significant fan base that is prevalent in Indianapolis.


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