Taylor Caniff

Queen City Productions is proud to present:

Taylor Caniff

Tuesday Dec 12th 2017

4:00 pm



This event is all ages

Taylor Caniff
Taylor Caniff
The average Generation Z teenager, rarely seen without a smartphone in their hand, is likely following Taylor Caniff on one social media platform or another. He’s a member of the Generation Z himself, but unlike his peers, he’s turned a generation’s obsession with social media into a business that has shaped his life.

Humble beginnings in the working class town of Princeton, Indiana, taught Taylor the meaning of hard work and independence. He learned that combining intuition with a fearless outlook on life could not only make his dreams come true, but those of his family as well. The boy-next-door turned social media icon hasn’t had the easiest ride but has made each and every step on his own two feet. From product endorsements to clothing lines and massive merchandising success, Taylor has made his own impact early on in life.

After mastering social media platforms such Kick, Vine, Twitter, Instagram and organically growing a following of over 7 million, Taylor joined forces with fellow social-media stars Cameron Dallas, Aaron Carpenter, and more, to forge the highly successful touring Meet And Greet Convention, more commonly known as MAGCON. The events combine a mix of real life interaction with fans, performances, and photo sessions. After nation-wide events attended by thousands, the group disbanded to focus on other aspirations.

While on tour, Taylor met with fans and was given a direct glimpse into how his particular social media persona has affected his followers. They find his genuine ability to focus on the good in all situations, actively better his life, and offer support to those around him, as something they themselves want to aspire to. To continue this connection with his fans, Taylor decided to stay on the road.

The next logical move for Taylor was to start his own touring brand. RV Project focuses on a nationwide, low cost meet & greet that connects Taylor’s vibrant online prescience with fans in an intimate setting. The success of a teenager touring the United States in an RV, meeting hundreds of fans per day, quickly attracted outside attention from media outlets such as Good Morning Sacramento who featured him.

The success of RV Project would likely make many people in Taylor’s shoes start to feel complacent. With a love for music that started at a young age, the logical next step for Taylor was to pursue a career that would allow him to turn this love into something much bigger. His first song, “Buckwild,” spent several weeks on the top of the iTunes digital chart. With this new momentum, the Odd Rhyme Tour was born. It combines the best elements of RV Project with TK, and adds the new dimensions of live performance and supporting artists.

After nearly two years apart from his friends who joined him on MAGCON, all of whom found success on their own, Taylor reconvened with the group in January 2016 for the next chapter. The outcome of another MAGCON tour was bigger, better, and more popular than anyone could have expected. Two sold-out events in Texas were clear indicators that their presence is stronger than ever. MAGCON, RV Project, and Odd Rhyme together with Taylor’s other business ventures prove that he is a force in the social media community that is to be revered.
Venue Information:
Hoosier Dome
1627 Prospect St.
Indianapolis, IN, 46203